ECK Haubold & Laxmi is the engineering division of Hindoostan Mills Limited, specialising in manufacture and supply of calendar bowls, calendaring machines, squeeze rolls, and related products for the textile, paper and steel industry.

The Company has a history of successful collaboration with international companies to introduce innovative products and manufacturing techniques for the Indian market. Operations commenced in Mumbai in 1959 as a JV with ECK Haubold Germany to manufacture calendar bowls in India for the textile and paper industries. In 1995, the factory moved to Ambernath with a technical collaboration with Voith Sulzer Germany, and subsequently to Karad in 2012 with upgraded machinery from Voith. And in 2009 the Company became the only Indian partner for NCCM (formerly 3M’s Machine Roll Division) to assemble and market their famous Mill Roll for the metals industries.

Our product portfolio and its allied industries and its application is as per the following table :

Sr. No. Products Industries Application
1 Cotton Roll Textile Industries Fabric Calendaring
2 Cotton/Comber Roll Paper Industries Paper Calendaring
3 Polyamide Roll Textile, Paper Industries Fabric & Thermal Paper Calendering
4 Wool Paper Roll Textile, Paper,Tissue Paper, Foil Ind. Calendaring, Embossing.
5 Hard Chrome Roll Textile, Paper, Steel, Lamination Ind. Calendaring and Pasting
6 Laxmi Helextra Roll Textile, Fibre, Jute Squeezing.
7 ECK NCCM Roll Sheet Metal Industries Squeezing and Oiling – De Oiling
8 Wiper Bar Sheet Metal Industries Wiping
9 Flax Paper Roll Jute Industries Calendaring Application
10 Design Roll Textile, Paper industries, value addition Industries. Embossing.