Hindoostan Mills Limited, a distinguished name with a legacy dating back to 1873, stands as a testament to excellence in the textile and engineering industries. Born under the visionary leadership of Sheth Thackersey Moolji as Hindustan Spinning and Weaving Mills, our journey has been one of constant innovation and unwavering commitment to quality. In 2011, we merged with The Sirdar Carbonic Gas Company Ltd, resulting in our current identity as Hindoostan Mills Ltd, a publicly listed company on the Bombay Stock Exchange. With our headquarters in Mumbai and a cutting-edge manufacturing facility in Karad, we operate two dynamic divisions. Our Textile Division is renowned for its high-quality fabric offerings, both within India and abroad, while our Engineering Division specializes in precision-engineered rollers and calendaring machines, serving industries ranging from textiles to steel and paper. Our legacy is steeped in a tradition of craftsmanship, integrity, and a strong commitment to exceeding customer expectations, earning us recognition as one of India’s most reputable business houses.”